A Wedding Photographer’s Travels: Destination Mykonos

Mykonos was our favorite island for sight seeing. If I were to buy a house somewhere, I would prefer to live on Hydra, but for vacation, Mykonos wins. The general consensus, seem to be, that Santorini is the prettiest island, but my money is on Mykonos. The proximity to the water, the windmills, and the maze like streets really blew us away and we loved every minute that we spent on the island. We really didn’t want to leave, fearing that Santorini wouldn’t live up to the hype.

It was very, very windy on Mykonos, and at one point, I almost lost my camera bag to the ocean. The wind kept us a cool though, even with the sun beating down. We walked a great deal every day, exploring wherever we could. Everything was beautiful, everywhere we turned.

Mykonos Island Greece.jpgMykonos WindmillAs we were hiking the hills, to get a glimpse of the windmills and views from higher ground, I found this cemetery, and really loved how beautiful it was. The Greeks take pride in keeping the graves decorated with flowers, pictures frames of their loved ones, and oil lamps that they continue to fill and keep lit. One afternoon, we spent a few hours, by ourselves, in this wonderful little bar on the water. All of the other tourists, were outside, along the water, where it was terribly windy. This bar was perfect, with open windows, but enough protection from the wind. As we sat there drinking ouzo and other delicious beverages, we were visited by multiple pigeons, that wanted a taste of the peanuts that were on the table! It was pretty hilarious. One pigeon, was kind enough, to pose for a photograph. Mykonos-Pigeon.jpg

I was expecting a lot of cats on Mykonos, because of what I had read beforehand, but I only encountered a couple. Apparently, Athens is the cat capital of Greece.

Destination MykonosDestination_Mykonos.jpgOne evening, we had a wonderful sunset, on the water. The weather was perfect and the view was incredible. Santorini is certainly beautiful, and I did enjoy the sunset there as well, but I definitely prefer to be on the water’s edge, opposed to high up on a cliff. Destination Mykonos-1.jpgMykonos Sunset