Purdue University Wedding Venues

I split most of my time between Indianapolis, Chicago and Lafayette. I’ve lived in Lafayette for about 15 years, so I find myself shooting at Purdue University, quite a bit. I know that it can be difficult to find a perfect venue for your wedding and Purdue offers a few great options. Depending on time of year, day of the week and your budget, Purdue can accommodate just about anyone. I’ll give you a brief look at the Purdue Memorial Union, Ross Ade Stadium, and a couple lesser known options.


Purdue Memorial Union

Purdue Memorial Union is a great place for a ceremony or reception. For starters, the Union Hotel is next door, which makes for a perfect place to get ready, without having to drive all over town. Most alumni want pictures around campus, and this makes a great home base, as well. For receptions, I’ve seen small and intimate to double ballroom bashes. For most receptions, either the North or South Ballroom, will suffice. For smaller gatherings, I’ve seen them use the Main Lounges for a wedding ceremony. I’ve also photographed a wedding and reception in the Anniversary Drawing Room on the second floor.



The Union Hotel makes a great place to get ready and hang out without the stress of driving around town. Their suites are great for hair and makeup to be done as well.

Anniversary Drawing Room Room #118, the Anniversary Drawing Room, and the Main Lounge

Purdue Memorial Union ReceptionDepending on time of year, the North Ballroom allows great light in the evening, and then goes dark around sunset. Having a DJ with a great light setup is really important.

There are great opportunities throughout the Union for portrait opportunities.And Stewart Center, next door.

Ross Ade Stadium

Ross Ade Stadium offers couples a very unique location for both ceremonies and receptions. There are two rooms that you can choose from and the size of your guest list is usually the deciding factor. The Buchanan room, which has a capacity of 175 guests, is really perfect around 125, with a dance floor. For larger receptions, I would suggest going with Shively Club South, which holds 250 or the entire Shively floor with a capacity of 450.  If you have a large guest count, the entire Shively floor makes it great for separating the dining area on one side and the dance floor and photobooth activities at the other end. It’s also nice for the people that want to sit and chat after dinner, without the music blasting in their ears.

Purdue Ross Ade WeddingRoss Ade has multiple places where the bridal parties can get ready. 

The large windows make for dramatic changes in lighting depending on time of year, time of day, and whether or not the shades are used. 

I happen to like the fact that every wedding has a different look because of the sun factor. 

The sun, and specifically sunset, should be a huge factor in deciding your reception timeline.

I especially love the cool factor of taking the couple outside for awhile during the reception for some unique portraits that they wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Other Purdue Locations

I honestly haven’t shot many other ceremony or reception locations at Purdue, but here are a few.

Purdue Horticulture Park WeddingPurdue Horticulture Park can be a beautiful outdoor area for the ceremony. I’m not sure on the status of weddings there since the construction though. 


I realize that this doesn’t count for everyone, but just in case 🙂  If you’re catholic, Saint Thomas Aquinis, is the coolest bunch of folks, and I love shooting ceremonies there! It also happens to have beautiful natural light!


I hear that they do ceremonies at the Clapping Circle as well, but I haven’t shot one there. I have one scheduled for later this year and I’m looking forward to it. Ultimately, I feel like Purdue, has really good options, for every budget. It also allows you to add as much or as little PURDUE into your day as you want. I see no reason that you have to be alumni to get married there. Lastly, There are a million portrait opportunities around campus, for both weddings and engagement sessions. Here’s a sample:

Purdue-University-PortraitsYou can find more weddings and engagements at Purdue on the BLOG.