A Wedding Photographer’s Travels • The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley

Our Loire Valley experience, seemed to get derailed from the start. I had wanted to do a hot air balloon ride at sunrise. I’ve never been in a hot air balloon and I thought that Chateau country would be a great place to experience it. Unfortunately, the dates that we were going to be in Amboise, were already sold out with the balloon companies. I then decided that we could bike ride through the country side and rent canoes on the Le Cher. I thought that it would be cool to canoe under Chenonceau and maybe even fly the drone. It ended up being rainy so we kept things a little more low key, visiting Château Royal d’Amboise, eating macaroons, and drinking wine. To be honest, it was the perfect day. I love visiting historical places and learning about history, but it certainly is nice to take a day off and do nothing every few days.



That’s the hot air balloon that I was supposed to be riding in ^

The yellow Canola aka Rapeseed fields were in bloom everywhere.

It was raining quite hard at one point. To take cover, we ducked into a little church, that appeared to have just celebrated a wedding by the amount of fresh floral that was in the sanctuary.These were by far the best Macaroons that we tried! Mine was salted caramel and it was delish. The-Loire-Valley-CastleThis tiny chapel, on the grounds of Château Royal d’Amboise, is where Leonardo Da Vinci, may or may not, be buried. It certainly appears that he is, but no one really knows. Loire-Valley-Leonardo-Da-VinciA highlight of Amboise, was dinner, at a little family restaurant, called La Fourchette. We were on vacation, so we even ordered one of every desert to share! The place was charming, quintessential France, and the meal was delicious. the loire valley dinnerLoire-Valley-Amboise

Blois and Chartres

Stopping in both Blois and Chartres on the way back to Paris, we popped into Église Saint Vincent de Paul, on a whim. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful churches that I have ever seen, although I doubt you’ll find it in a guidebook. The pink marble mixed with the blue and gold paint, make it worth a stop. By size standards, nothing beats the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, a Roman Catholic Latin church, located in Chartres. It’s undergoing a lot of amazing restoration at the moment, but the size and detail of the church are overwhelming.