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Getting married is a pretty monumental step in a couple’s story. They have so much to look forward to and the future is a blank slate. Personally, I find the couple’s story, up until this point, fascinating. More often than not, relationships are built on mutual interests. Maybe they both like a particular football team or love going to a certain restaurant. Sometimes, it’s as simple as meeting at their alma mater or belonging to the same church.

Of course, there WILL be pictures taken, but it’s a lot more than that. This is my opportunity to get to know the couple, so that I can tell their story better. It’s not unusual to spend the day at the zoo and then grab dinner or drinks. I’ve traveled to family farms, where their story has developed from a childhood crush. I’ve gone to amusement parks, cooking classes, arcades and universities. I’ve documented couples sitting around a fire in their back yard or playing video games in their living room. Everyone has a different story and I’m interested in telling yours.

When it’s all said and done, there are photographs, of this great love story, to share with your family and friends. Two individual stories that have merged to create a new one. It’s a pretty wonderful thing.