A Wedding Photographer’s Travels: Destination Copenhagen

Dear Copenhagen,

I will get right to the point…you have stolen my heart. I had a preconceived notion that we would get on, but never like this! Everything about you is perfect and I regret that I only had a short time with you.

Stepping into Tivoli was like stepping back into my childhood, before amusement parks were based after the latest blockbuster. I saw families enjoying the sunshine together, sitting on blankets and relaxing. There was no need for a fastpass, whatever that is. I honestly, haven’t seen families enjoying each other’s company, like this, in a very long time.

The beer. Yes, the beer…was fantastic. What a great beer scene. Warpigs? Hell, yes! And that brisket was to die for. Mikkeller and Friends? Yes, please. Visit Carlsberg was a blast and I visit a lot of breweries! I barely dipped my little toe into the beer pool that you have to offer. But I’ll be back.

I can’t even speak to the museums and castles and all of the other wonderful things to see because I only got a tiny taste. Your people are friendly, your streets are safe and I could get used to riding a bicycle everywhere.

Jeg savner dig


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