A Wedding Photographer’s Travels: Boston to Austin

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks on the road. I had the opportunity to get back to Boston and visit a few spots before I shot Jillian and Aaron’s wedding. I had a few friend in town, so I took them to the Samuel Adam’s Brewery, which I enjoyed the first time that I visited. It did not disappoint, and we have a great time there, before lunch. We then headed to the JFK Library, which is now part of my tradition of heading to any Presidential library, in any town that I visit. JFK was number three, and a few weeks later, I made it to the LBJ Library, at the University of Austin campus. I really enjoy visiting these libraries. There is so much knowledge to be gained. I really enjoy the attention that they pay to the First Ladies.

Boston was pretty great, although there wasn’t really that much sight seeing to do. I needed to get to the wedding location on Friday night, which was about 30 miles or so out of Boston common. Of course, that means about an hour or more, because of Boston’s lovely traffic.  Jill and Aaron’s wedding was fantastic and the weather and venues were fantastic. You can check the wedding out on the main blog. Just goto Stories in the menu.

I then flew down to Austin, Texas, for a corporate gig that I do every year, and had a blast there. I ate a lot of BBQ, some very tasty tacos, and enjoyed a beverage or two. We had a couple of days to kill and we visited good bars and just had a really fine time taking in the Austin atmosphere. Got to at least listen, to the Killers, as they played from a rooftop on Thursday night. I didn’t feel like fighting the crowd to get to the top of the parking garage to see them.  If Austin wasn’t so freaking hot, I’d move there in a heart beat. I’ve been wooed a lot by Europe these last few years, but Austin really blew me away. I can’t wait to go back and experience the town even more. samuel-adams-tour-photographyboston-photographerboston-mass-photographyaustin-photographeraustin-photographyaustin-wedding-photographer