All Of the Other Waterfalls In Iceland

I’ve been making my way to and from Iceland for the last 5 years. It started, as a great way to stretch my legs, when flying to other European countries. First time, it was a couple of days in Reykjavik, a couple of waterfalls, and the Golden Circle. The next time we went southeast, and then at some point, we decided to go north during the winter. After five years, I just finished my 6th trip and although there is certainly more to see and do, I feel like I’ve explored this place reasonably well.

It was Amy’s, first trip there, outside of the airport, so we did all of the “first-timer things,” first thing. If you want to see Geysir and the waterfalls that are part of the Golden Circle, you can see those in my other blogs. I decided to stick to all of the other waterfalls in Iceland, for this post. We made our way around the ring road, heading east to Vik, which I still included here, because, well…you know…it’s Vik. From there, we circled the island, driving anywhere from 4 hours a day, up to 12 hours on one. The first part of the trip, we did one night stops, which I’m usually against, but we had to make it around the country in 10 days. Each night we stayed in cute little bed and breakfast cabins, apartments, and even a tent! We saw green and yellow summer, a little snowcapped winter, but mostly, early fall. We also saw rain. A ton of rain. Three non-stop days of rain. I left my camera in the car quite a bit, but sometimes, that makes for better travel.

There were a couple of days where we couldn’t drive anywhere without running into farmers bringing their sheep home. They let them roam the countryside all summer and then round them all up and bring them home. It’s kind of funny when there is a traffic jam, because of all of the sheep. We went whale watching, stayed on a horse farm, and even saw some seals playing in the Greenland Sea, from the balcony of one apartment. As is, with most of our travel, we found some churches. Iceland seems to be known for their pagan roots, thanks to t.v. and movies, but they are actually over 75% Christian. Like most of their architecture, their churches are modest, with the exception of a few modern designs. Even then, you don’t see the opulence, that you find in other countries.

Lastly, we saw the other waterfalls, the lesser known falls, and some without a name. These are the ones that I remember, other than the most popular ones:

  • Bruarfoss (My favorite)
  • Hraunfossar
  • Svartifoss (Still really popular but worth the hike)
  • Kirkjufellfoss (Most photographed waterfall outside of the Golden Circle)
  • Dettifoss (Second most powerful waterfall in Europe)
  • Godafoss
  • Hengifoss (It was only us and the sheep that day)
  • Barnafoss
  • Fellsfoss
  • Gufu

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See ya’ Iceland. I’ll come back someday.

Other Waterfalls in Iceland

Other Waterfalls in Iceland 2iceland diamond beach

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