A Wedding Photographer’s Travels: Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden

This was my second time, visiting Copenhagen, and it was even better than the first time. My friend, and I, discovered a place called WARPIGS, on our first trip. It’s a brewery and bbq joint, that serves the most delicious brisket in the world! Although that would be enough to lure me back to this wonderful city, we went for more important reasons…the Mikkeller Copenhagen Beer Celebration! I didn’t bring my camera to that, because I needed both hands to drink with 🙂  I brought it everywhere else though and I did a lot of exploring.

We went back to the Carlsberg Brewery for a second visit because we enjoyed their beer garden on the last trip. We learned a lot about the history of Carlsberg and the founder J.C. Jacobsen. It’s pretty amazing to see how much the man and the company has given back to Copenhagen. When Frederiksborg Palace burnt down, he paid for it to be rebuilt. It’s my favorite castle, that I have visited. I even like it better than Versailles.  His son was also responsible for building Copenhagen’s awesome art museum, the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. We went back to visit Rodin’s “The Thinker,” for fun, since I had just seen the one in Paris, a few weeks before. Since it was spring, there were pretty flowers all around, which made me like it even more.

We also visited Rosenborg castle, which wasn’t all that amazing, but we did get to see the crown jewels.

Since it’s only a short train ride away, we decided to make our way, over to Malmo, Sweden, for  a day trip. Unfortunately, it was Ascension Day, and most things were closed until 4PM. Embarrassingly, we killed a few hours at a TGI Fridays, because it was the only thing open and we wanted to get away from the heat. I’m not sure that we were there long enough, for me to really form an opinion but I definitely want to do a Sweden Finland trip, sooner or later.  Back in Copenhagen, I did a lot of sight-seeing. I surprisingly, only ventured into one church, but it didn’t stop me from shooting outside of a couple. I finally saw the Little Mermaid statue, and it was unimpressive. Much more impressive, were the amount of tourists, taking pictures of it. I do feel bad for her though…poor girl’s covered in bird poop. One afternoon, we took a cab ride over to an area known as Reffen. It’s an awesome little make-shift, art installation, something or other, located on the water. There are restaurants and shops built out of stacks of shipping containers. Locals and tourists alike, flock there on their bicycles to eat amazing food, drink beer and enjoy the sunshine. Out of all of the things, that I have learned about traveling, one thing really sticks out to me. If you want to really take in the beauty of a city that is always packed with tourists, all you have to do is wake up early. People are lazy. People like to sleep in and wander out around 11am. If you want to see the beautiful, colored buildings along the canals of Nyhavn, get up early and you’ll be all by yourself. Well…I wasn’t entirely alone. I also realized that bars and strip clubs apparently don’t close until around seven or eight on Sunday mornings. As I was walking through the empty streets, I kept seeing inebriated patrons, walking out of these joints, after partying all night long.  I got caught up in the Copenhagen Marathon and wasn’t able to cross the street. I had lunch plans, that I barely made it to because I was trapped on the other side of the city. So…I watched the race for awhile. On our last night, we went to Tivoli to hang out. Nighttime there, is surreal. It must get crowded, at some point in the year, but it’s been so peaceful the two times that I have visited. I really love it so much.