Winter Ice Skating Engagement

Natalie and Robert are getting married, this year, at Saint Toms, and I can’t wait! I think that I’ve gushed on this blog, quite enough, at this point, about how I feel about that place and their wedding ceremonies. Needless, to say, I’m looking forward to another fantastic wedding there. That being said, we dropped by, last weekend, before we ran around campus.

Luckily, by Saturday, the negative temps had disappeared, and somehow, the 40’s, seemed like we were on the beach in Cancun. Maybe not quite that warm, but it was pretty great. We made our way around campus, and then hit up the ice skating rink, next to the river. It was a little surprising to see the amount of people that were out skating, but I guess a 40 degree day, is something to celebrate, in Indiana.

Winter Ice Skating EngagementWinter Ice Skating EngagementWinter Ice Skating EngagementWinter Ice Skating Engagement


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