A Gilmore Girls Engagement • Styled Shoot

My friend, Audra, from Heart’s Arrow, spotted a gazebo, about an hour from Indianapolis. I like the way her mind works, because it immediately went to Stars Hollow, Connecticut, and a Gilmore Girls engagement session. We discussed doing a fall styled shoot of some kind for a few months. Unfortunately, both hectic schedules and mother nature, made it impossible to plan. Instead, we went with a theme, as we like to do. Originally, I thought that Rory and Dean or Rory and Jess would be the subject matter. Certainly, it wouldn’t be with Logan, because that’s like the most boring relationship ever to be explored on a television show. I was pleasantly surprised, when Audra, suggested Lorelai and Luke.

We decided to make this shoot pretty simple. We didn’t go all out with props and gimmicks. We discussed doing things more elaborately, but decided against it. We asked our friends Morgan, from MoMichelle and Lauren from Lola Hair Artistry to join in on the fun, and they were both happy to help. The fact that Morgan isn’t a Gilmore Girls fan, is besides the point. But what the hell, Morgan? Get on Netflix and binge!


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