Megan and Tiffany • Chapter One • Fountain Square Engagement

We had a couple of false starts due to weather, but I was finally able to get together with Megan and Tiffany for their Chapter One photos. Before heading to Fountain Square, we started out in Fishers, where Megan’s son, Orlando, joined us for a little bit of fun. My friend, Cara, suggested that I shoot at this park, and I really liked it there. They have a couple of cool hiking trails and a bridge, along with a pretty good sized hill, that Orlando dubbed Everest. For the longest time, I’ve just said no to family portraits. It just seems stressful and since I don’t have kids, it’s out of my comfort zone. Surprisingly, all of a sudden, I’ve had children tag along on a couple of engagements, and I’ve really enjoyed it! It adds a dimension to the storytelling and I think it might make it easier for couples to relax and have fun.

After we finished up at the park, Orlando headed off with his grandmother, and we headed down to Fountain Square. I really dig that mural of the two hands pointing at each other by @mr_cents. When I first saw it, I knew that I wanted to put someone in between the two fingers and I finally got a chance. We shot into the dark of the night, danced in the street, used the fountain to see if my new Fuji is waterproof.
Fountain-Square-FamilyFountain Square Engagement PicturesFountain_Square-Engagement_PicturesFountain-Square-Engagement-PicturesFountain Square at Night Indianapolis

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