Kristen and Joe • Winter Purdue Engagement Session

I figured that I should post some holiday goodness to the blog before I take off, next week, for Christmas and New Years. This is coming at you, from a cold and dreery day, in the midwest, of the US, at Purdue University. A Purdue engagement session…if you will.  Kristen and Joe are some cool cats. I liked them immediately when we met at the beginning of the year. They are both way smarter than I am, so I just listen and nod my head a lot when they talk 🙂 Luckily, my job, is to take photographs of them, showcase their love for one another, and have fun while I’m doing it. Honestly, it’s a pretty easy gig.

Indiana weather, has been kind, this fall, and early winter. That doesn’t mean it’s pretty out, unfortunately. So as a photographer, I don’t really get to rely on pretty backgrounds and blue skies. This certainly isn’t a bad thing though. I always tell my couples, don’t sweat it if it rains on your wedding day. Who cares? They are still going to get married. Everyone is going to have a blast, regardless of the weather. I certainly care more about emotion, and reflecting what the day is actually like, over blue skies and greenery. Engagement sessions are even easier. With finals, Christmas and a lot of other things going on in their lives, Joe, Kristen, and I, had one day to make it happen. So we did.

This is a short Chapter One post, but I promised, that I would give them a few photos for Christmas cards and gifts. I still have to edit the rest after the holidays, but I wanted to share a little bit before I take a break. There’s a piece of the moon in this session. So there. Forget diamonds. Now…that’s a rock. Kristen and Joe just one-upped you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Go watch that horrible NSYNC video.  Peace and happiness to all of you.


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