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I’ve been all over the place, these last few months, and have been shooting some of the most random things of my life. I’ve been hired to shoot the strangest editorials for magazines, some of which I can’t share until next year sometime, when the issue is released. I’ve shot fashion and beauty and even livestock and corn! I’m not kidding. I’ve spent my time shooting corn, tractors, livestock etc. for some very cool companies and magazines these last few months. It has nothing to do with my normal work, but it’s been fun and educational, for me. I was born in South Florida, so this is the first time, I’ve ever been learned about farming and seeing it first hand. I’ve also been playing a “farming” game, called Stardew Valley, on Steam, which is by far, the dorkiest thing that I have ever admitted to. I think they tie in nicely together though!

I also mentioned, in a previous post, that I am starting to shoot senior pictures. I’m just beginning to figure out my take on them. I hope to shoot a few clients, that get what I do, this year. It’s pretty exciting, because I’m allowing myself to change directions, for the first time, in quite a few years.

Most of the things that I have just discussed, is not in this blog post. Sorry…but I’m including behind the scenes shots, travel adventures to museums and a even the bourbon distillery, Jim Beam. I was in Kentucky to see the eclipse, and there wasn’t any reason, to not stop by, for a quick tour. I was quite impressed with the tour and the process. I do a lot of brewery tours, because I love beer! This was my first distillery tour though, and I’m not a big bourbon fan, but I really enjoyed seeing the process.

Lastly, there is a photograph of the land around me, in Kentucky, moments before the total eclipse. Immediately after, I pointed my camera to the sky, for the actual, total, eclipse. That was it. I wanted to experience the moment, and not worry about photography.

Next time…I’m going to have some pretty wedding photos. Or at least…bad ass wedding photos. PROMISE.


Beam Stillhouse.jpgJim Beam-Photographer.jpgFashion-Portrait-Skittleseclipse-weddingFashion Wedding Photographer.jpgWedding Photographer Fashion Best.jpgFashion-wedding-makeup.jpg

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