North Carolina Arboretum Wedding • Seema and John

I have known Seema for a couple of years now. She has been a wedding planner and a venue owner, so I was honored, when she and John, asked me to document their day, in Asheville. A North Carolina Arboretum Wedding, is something pretty spectacular. It was the Fourth of July, when everywhere else in the country, would have been hot and humid. Luckily, we had rain in Asheville, which cooled everything off, and right before the ceremony, the skies cleared. You honestly, couldn’t have asked for a more lovely day. These first few pictures, will show you what the day started out looking like, in the early morning. Hopes were high, that the rainy weather would pass, and it did! As soon as we arrived at the North Carolina Arboretum, for the ceremony, everything turned around for the better!

Even more importantly, the friends and family, that this couple has, are some of the most amazing, loving, souls, that I have ever encountered!

The reception, that was held at, The Venue, in downtown Asheville, was quite the event. Being the Fourth of July, in the middle of the reception, the dance floor cleared, and everyone made their way outside, to watch a thirty minute fireworks show. Everyone keeps asking me if these pictures are real. Yes…they are real. Thanks to the city of Asheville, the couple received the fireworks show, as a very nice wedding gift. Thanks to Michael, one of the groomsmen, for helping me light the couple during the show!

After everything was all said and done, we headed back to our hotel. I took about an forty five minutes, to back up files and take a much needed shower. Then I headed back up to the bridal suite, where the girls had gotten ready in the morning. The after party was in full swing, and lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

Get ready! This is going to be a long one! It was a long day and a long night, and I had the time of my life.

Seema and John…Thank you.


North Carolina Arboretum Wedding-2North Carolina Arboretum Wedding-3North Carolina Arboretum Wedding-4North Carolina Arboretum Wedding-CoupleThe Venue Asheville Fourth WeddingThe Venue Asheville WeddingYou can check out the quick Engagement Portraits that we did about a month before the wedding. We didn’t have time to do a full Chapter One. John and Seema are both very busy running their venue, and all of the other things that they have going on, so this was the best that we could pull off. We only had a few hours, but it’s all we really needed 🙂

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